Wednesday, November 20, 2019

A Visit from St John Ambulance Education

A Visit from Saint John Ambulance

Mrs Dickinson organised with  Jo from St John Ambulance, for the whole school to attend 2 first aid lessons with their class. 

Room 8 loved the activities, where they learned to identify safe practices when on their scooters, skateboards and bikes. They learned about the helmet fitting correctly and how to protect other parts of the body. They had a go at applying simple bandages and sticking plasters and later learned how to ring 111 and request assistance from the emergency services. 

It was important for them to know their address and phone number. 

Jo taught us how to put someone into the recovery position and we practiced on each other, even on Mrs Dickinson and Ani our teacher-aide! We loved the clever little jingle that helps us remember what to do...
" Dab, Dab, Mountain, Mountain, Ice-cream Scoop!"  This is after we say to ourselves, "I keep myself safe",  check for a response, open the airways and check the breathing. We are empowered! Thanks Jo and St Ambulance for making it possible.

Hut Day for Room 8 kids

Making Huts is Cool!

Room 8 joined in with the other junior classes to make our huts at the bottom of our nature walk.  We had to use available materials to make a hut big enough and strong enough for our team to sit in. We played in it and ate lunch in it and had an incredible and most enjoyable time! We also made some good friends!

Saturday, August 24, 2019

Double Waka

Responding to Reading - Making Model Waka

Room 8 enjoyed reading about how to make double waka and were keen to make their own. Our parent help Mr Hohaia supplied the flax (harakeke) stalks from his farm and helped us put all the parts together. We designed the sails and collected enough wire and tape to complete the project.

We showed some of the waka to our Junior School Assembly but because the weather was so bad we decided not to have a waka race in the swimming pool. Let us know what you think about the final creations!
Nepia and his Dad prepare the sail for the waka

Waka line up

Melika's creation

Some clever thinking about giving our waka a name

A kiwi vibe to Cayden's waka

Saturday, August 10, 2019

Painting pentagonal tessellations

Painting pentagonal tessellations

As the first step in our print making learning we painted tessellations (of pentagons) in shades of green and yellow.

Our cardboard printing blocks were all about mini beasts so we thought that a background in these colours would look a bit like the bush or plants.

To create the shades, we used egg cartons to mix and blend 2 of the colours. To each colour we added water to give the paint a watercolour effect.

Once the printing blocks were finished we rolled out sticky black ink and printed the mini beasts onto their backgrounds. In a few days we will add some photos of our finished art. We think the effects are stunning!  What do you think?

We also shared our art at the junior assembly!

Tauwharangi worked hard to mix interesting shades

Leeara painted a colourful pattern

Milan and Pippa created excellent patterns

Monday, August 5, 2019

Learning to use Explain Everything

Today we started learning how to use an app on our iPads called Explain Everything. EE is an interactive whiteboard platform where people learn, create and share. 

We learned how to start a new project, then take a photo and insert it on the whiteboard. We learned how to make the picture bigger and smaller and move it anywhere on the whiteboard using the Hand Tool. We then learned about using some other tools such as the Draw Tool, Highlighter, and the Bucket Fill. We made a poster with our photo and a drawing of something we like.
Here is a photo of Cayden with his brilliant creation.

Image result for explain everything logo png

Saturday, July 27, 2019

Science- How does sound travel?

How does sound travel? 

As part of Room 8s Science learning we explored how sound travels. In pairs we attached string to a metal object like a spoon. While one person held the ends of the strings on or in their ears, the other person struck the metal object with scissors. WOW!!! We heard some very loud noise in our ears!

How had the sound travelled so loudly to our ears?
Why was it so loud?
Did everyone have the same result?

We discovered that sound travels in waves along the string to our ears!

Maybe you know a lot about sound waves and vibrations and would like to share your knowledge with us?

Learning the Place Value of 3-digit Numbers

Learning the Place Value of 3-digit Numbers 

Our Maths groups got busy with place value blocks to learn what each digit means in a 3-digit number.

After we had made the number that the teacher had written, we made our own numbers out of the ones, tens and hundreds blocks and wrote our number on a whiteboard. We learned that there are rules about how many blocks we could put in each part of the "trend setter house" like no more than 9 could 'live' in each part. If that happened,  ten had to move out to the neighbour's house! We had a lot of fun with the blocks and went on to add on in tens, add and subtract tens. It was so easy to understand!