Saturday, June 8, 2019

Learn, Share, Create with ipads

Learn, Create, Share with iPads.

Each week we learn more about the Google apps and how we can share our learning with the iPads. As an introduction to creating GIFs we created shapes and filled them with colours and other shapes. The next step will be to make animations! We can't wait!

Technology Challenge- Making Catapults

This term our class is having loads of fun learning how scientists and technicians work and think. The students were challenged to make a catapult, from a set number of materials, that would flick a small pompom the furthest. They worked in groups and combined their expertise to complete the project. As they tried out their catapults they measured the distance the pompom travelled, in centimetres.  They then had a play off to find the winner. Our champ received a big bag of popcorn to share with his classmates. Following this challenge we discussed what made the winning catapult the most effective and had a chance to modify the design to achieve a greater distance!

Rocking Roosters Art Project

As a response to our Junior Journal Reading, one reading group made some Rocking Roosters out of paper plates. They completed the activity completely independently by reading the instructions.

Tuesday, May 7, 2019

Thinking Like a Scientist -Square Bubbles!

This term we are learning how to think like a scientist. We know that a scientist is very curious. Our first investigation started with the question, "Can we make bubbles that are square?". That got us thinking! Five of us predicted that we could, ten of us predicted that we couldn't and seven said they didn't know, with one not answering at all!

Mrs D. provided 12 short straws the same length, and pipe cleaners. We worked in groups of four. It was hard trying to make one shape out of all the materials because we wanted to make our own smaller shapes. In the end we tried out some of our shapes in a bucket of soapy water. None of them made a square bubble.

Our next job is to interview someone who has made a shape, that makes square bubbles and try their shape. We will report our findings in the next post.

Monday, April 15, 2019

Learning about how Maori lived in the past.

Room 8 used the skill of picture interpretation to find out about how Maori lived a long time ago. We used some large images of a pa from before the 20th century and set about recording on a Y chart what we would have seen, smelt and heard if we visited there at that time. We had great fun talking about our findings.

Learning From Garden to Table

As a special part of Room 8's learning, our guest teacher Mrs Meyers took a team of helpers to the garden to harvest a pumpkin and brought it back to school to make a pumpkin pie! There were many willing helpers to eat it!

Reading is best with a buddy!

Each week, Room 8 loves reading with our buddy class Room 5. They are much older and always have plenty of encouragement for us. We usually read to our older buddies who give us a helping hand when our reading gets tricky. At the end of our time together we thank our buddies. One week we go to their classroom and the next week they come to us. Here are some photos of buddy reading.